Nature V's Chemicals

Freshly squeezed juice or a can of fizzy pop?…the choices can be similar when buying skin care products for your baby. So without being the know it all at Mothers group or the Mother-in-law who’s somehow become the worlds leading dermatologist, we thought we’d provide you with some (hopefully) helpful information about natural and synthetic based baby skin care products.

Not a bad fact #1

Research has shown that 60% of what goes onto a baby’s skin is absorbed into their bloodstream and that their skin is actually six times thinner than that of an adults’ skin.

Not a bad fact #2

Rates of eczema and allergies amongst children continue to rise in Australia, early introduction to heavily chemical based toiletries is sighted as a strong contributing factor.

Not a bad fact #3

A number of reports have appeared recently about well known baby skin care companies who have knowingly left chemicals off of their labels (whether known to be toxic or not), until the skin care market in Australia has full regulation in this area, this will always be the case.

Not a bad fact #4

In Australia, cosmetic ingredient lists have to have the highest quantity (by mass or volume) ingredients at the top and then they go down in descending order, therefore next time you’re out shopping and you see a product advertised as ‘Natural or Organic’ have a peek at the ingredients list, if it only mentions a couple of natural or organic ingredients in the bottom half, chances are, the product probably contains less than 5% natural organic ingredients. Want to know more click here